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Hi Tsh! If there is a person (adult or child) that is demonstrating bad behavior, then it’s completely acceptable to ask them to leave. Our local movie theater has now banned children 16 and under from any movies after a certain time of evening. Not quite sure where you get the “hate” from . Children are not miniature adults. If you don’t like the polices of “adult only hours/stores” then stop going to those stores. since we’ ve become a nation of convenience, then my vote is to ban old people from driving…they actually kill people, and they drive too slow, and a rush hourand make me late for work. I also believe that people feel entitled. A “No child allowed” sign is a little too rude. … and we wonder why fewer kids grow up to attend church as adults…, We just watched “Divided” and it’s precisely about this topic. Most kids already feel excluded from their parents’ lives. Though if I go on date with y husband we find a sitter. I read the news about the PA restaurant but the other items are new to me. Not because I couldn’t behave, but because they knew I would not appreciate it. But I also see the side from the business owner’s standpoint of trying to maintain a profile that fits their mission, which just might *not* include serving children… And let’s face it – there are PLENTY of places in the world today that d0 cater to children! I did a post about this same issue last week when I heard about the PA restaurant. Once she told me how (she brought kid out to car to sit alone at first disobedience, she standing unseen behind while others finished meal) then I could think through training my daughter in restaurant behavior. Our clergy encourages reverent behavior during our church service because we are worshiping in the Lord’s house, and even the youngest children can understand that. I don’t think it says society is becoming intolerant of children. We don’t have a Sunday school or nursery so all the families are welcome during services. However, I thought it was completely unacceptable for them to accept our money, and then part-way through the play to ask us to leave for no reason. “No-kid zones should be called more like a no-irresponsible parents zone,” Kim said, lashing out at ill-mannered parents turning a blind eye to their children’s misbehavior. so true. There have been times when I have needed to take a child outside to calm them down or to discuss inappropriate behavior. Get take-out or delivery. They need to be home in bed. I support a business being able to create the atmosphere they believe is most conducive to the success of their endeavor. Children and people are not an interuption anywhere. Toddlers can’t control their emotions nor should they be expected to be a perfectly quiet and still. I like that in other countries, people are very welcoming of kids but there are plenty of adult only places like bars and such so I’m not sure why our society doesn’t accept kids. He didn’t say “Let the little children ( provided they’re not causing a disruption or making too much noise or bothering our patrons) come to me.” And as I think Jesus is someone worth emulating, that means if I’m getting annoyed noisy kids, I’m probably the one with the problem, not them. That being said, every private company is entitled to make their own rules regarding what patrons are welcome in their establishment. I always see parents trying to control their child and all thats happening is everyone ends up aggitated. I think if parents do a good job of watching their kids and make sure they aren’t being completely out of control then there wouldn’t be a need for kid-free zones. I completely agree! Totally agree with you on this one! Its hard because some people have to miss to teach, but all members teach in a rotation for 2 months so its doable. Paretns need to step up to the plate. Ahh. Fancy restaurants, SURE! She spent most of the service chatting it up with her friend…, (To their credit, both the pastor and the usher made apologies after the service, acknowledging their poor judgement…. I think it’s the rare person who really minds a well-behaved child in public, though for the life of me I will never be tolerant of babies in bars no matter how quiet and cute, most people mind parents not correcting behavior or taking care of an obviously distressed child. There are places where it is not appropriate to bring kids; those places are specific to each kid (some may be fine in restaurants and shopping, but not a doctor’s office) and parents need to act accordingly when bringing their kids along. Behaving well in public places and using manners don’t just suddenly happen in kids, they have to be taught by the parents. children are a part of our society. If I dont like the smell of curry… OK Im being dramatic here…and trying to make a point, and NOT actually advocating any of the above. Most people are ok with bars or even bed & breakfasts not allowing children under a certain age to be in there, so if the occasional restaurant wants to do it, that is fine with me. My daughters are 19 and 16 now and while I understand some of the new “rules” I don’t agree with all of them. One lady mentioned, “I don’t want children screaming in my ear….” I felt like that was my time to get my kiddo out of the restaurant. Equally, I believe that most contemporary children haven’t developed this capacity (and I’m including my own three in this) and that it’s not unreasonable to exclude children from certain places. If all parents were concerned with loving and serving others, and made sensible decisions about which venues are appropriate for their small children, these “rules” would not need to be imposed. They were saying things like, “If they don’t want my kids, then I will just never eat here again!” and I’m thinking, hmmm… what is the address of that place? (And if she started acting up or causing a scene you can be sure I would get my food to go and try again another time!). I breastfeed in public, but I also make sure I’m well covered up so I’m not flashing any bits and bobs. I know lots of 2 1/2 year olds that are total opposites of my son and can behave themselves very well. I may be a bit overboard, but nobody has stayed with my toddler besides my Mom. If there is a problem, would it not be better to simply ask the parent or grownup to take the child out for a few moments to settle down rather than simply say no children allowed? – because they require so much less of us than children. It sounds a lot like age discrimination to me. I also believe segregation is unhealthy. And if you were a child and had no other means of direct communication wouldn’t you scream and throw a tantrum too? I believe that our society has devalued children and made them “status symbols” and something “tolerated until they leave the home.”. Parents have a nice stressed-free time, the business gets more business. He also looks the waitstaff in the eye and orders his own food, with please and thank yous. Why further that feeling by banning them from places where they might have a family meal? Does that make sense? There is no law stating that a business can’t ban children. I can choose to go elsewhere. I understand that many children aren’t able to handle these situations, and in some cases, the parents aren’t willing to take the children out of the situation if things start to melt down. I have no kids, The other day out with the girls we went to stop and eat. Kids need to learn from their parents how to act in all situations. No Zone Ally 168,00 € 151,95 € Continuer mes achats. My kids are talked to all the time at home and school about being responsible and respectful but it doesn’t always sink in. Personally, my children are my most precious charge, so I am not inclined to give that charge to someone I don’t know. Kids weren’t forced to go, but it was nice for the parents, I think. Here’s where I got lucky; she never tested me till she was old enough for this, around 3&1/2. hah! As a parent of a 3 year old, I understand both sides. On a recent visit a couple (both late forty-ish) in the “adult” area started kissing, then full on making out including having the woman jump on the man’s lap! And yes, I am a mom of an almost 3 year old boy, who, on occasion makes a fuss, but it gets handled, and if it doesn’t change then it’s time to go. “What is wrong with that dad!” It is really bad behavior that brings comments like that from another child. Jesus didn’t kick the kids out when the disciples wanted to, he said, “let them come to me!” Best thing you could do? Sorry for my GIGANTIC post! We took responsibility for our children, and greatly appreciated it, when others did the same. Apparently I feel quite strongly about this!!! I have a friend who believes in answering every her childs questions no matter what or when it is to encourage learning…I believe some things are age appropriate and that some things are best explained in private. Until we learn better parenting skills then children bans will happen, and I’m okay with that. They are well behaved but it isn’t appropriate. It is also the right of my children to be able to attend restaurants/ theatres/ go on flights etc without discrimination. Our son is very well behaved in the restaurant. In fact, they are often the overly permissive type parents who think loving their children is never saying no, allowing them to run a muck and being super permissive everywhere they go in public, but in the end, they raise spoiled, out-of-control brats as opposed to raising decent, delightful children!! I have a strong willed son and we work very hard with him about his behavior but sometimes he has a melt down. Children are part of that family, and children cry, they are supposed to be there, and we are supposed to love them. I never had an issue in Austin but back in Vancouver, I got yelled at a lot because my child yelled out once in a restaurant that had only one other table besides ours. are just tired of dealing with rude parents and they’ve given The other question I have when this topic comes up is, “What about the children who *can* sit quietly at a restaurant?” Maybe this is a selfish question, but it is one I think about. People who don’t mind their manners while using a cellphone bother me FAR more than kids do (i.e, talking too loudly, driving poorly while using it, using it in a theater or restaurant, etc.) couldn’t agree more!! We are all mothers and how little angels have not been so in an occasion or so. Why is everyone so up in arms because a few high-end restaurants want to protect their brand? Parents don’t seem to do that anymore they just tune their kids out almost. Just about all of us reading this post live with children. I think more than anything we should be less judgmental and more understanding when we see a fussy kid in public and parents may not feel so under pressure or judged. Parents can drop off their kids — the young ones can enjoy crafts and books; Mom and Dad can shop without the grabby hands or whining. I don’t think it’s my right to have my kid make a mess out of things or screaming so I don’t go during times when adults are studying or want to enjoy their coffee so I go during off hours. As for the comment about the churches banning children. There was a time when children were to be seen and not heard (or NOT seen and not heard if possible) which is so sad! And if I had to say no, and she tried to throw a fit, I’d simply and calmly shut it down, through simple words to make it clear that wouldn’t be working, and then ignoring her flat out till she stopped. It definitely makes things easier — for the parent! The federal Civil Rights Act does not prohibit public establishments from discriminating against children, therefore it is the “right” of the business to ban children if they choose. I am not called to be their friend/buddy/pal and often I am not popular but that is okay (it affirms that I am doing the right thing by giving them boundaries). Out of the examples you give, I guess the one I agree with most is the one that states that screaming children will not be tolerated. Family Life. As the problem is two sided, so is the solution: 1) children need to be taught that they are a wonderful addition to their families and to the world, not the center of either. Have special toys/books that they can only have during outings. I understand your point, but I have a feeling the children in Jesus time knew how to behave in public, if their Jewish mothers were anything like the Jewish ladies I answered to! One part of the problem is that we have in society is that there is no longer a reasonable expectation of how children should behave, or how parents should behave. I don’t know of one human being that wasn’t once a sniveling little monster as a child. It’s a sheer lack of discipline! And judging by the corporate world’s general attitude toward children (especially YOUNG children), the kids’ places are not going to be maintained as well as the adult places. “I don’t know of one human being that wasn’t once a sniveling little monster as a child.” ( and Chilis, TGIF, Olive Garden, do not count as fancy restaurants) I have never taken advantage of any gym or store offer to babysit while I do whatever I need to do. We chose our church precisely because they believed in keeping the children with the parents. I would shop there more if the attendants had a little heart. People want kid free zones because some parents allow their children to be brats. When she’s older, she’ll learn that dining out is a privilege. their presence isn’t appropriate. Given the circumstances, I can understand kid-free policy. I live in Florida, and have had more problems with rude old men than I ve ever had with kids. They just don’t do so for me. Her personality, limitations and triggers for certain behaviours. Sure, I prefer that children are quiet on airplanes and in restaurants. I would not/will not spend my money at an establishment that does not welcome children. My question is how do you handle that? In my opinion it’s a good thing because the Alamo is essentially a bar that shows movies in a hard partying college town. The restaurants will more than likely loose alot of business doing that. (I really like our local Fred Meyer and their kids play place, but if I was required to use that while shopping they wouldn’t get my business.

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